Pailolo Challenge

Pailolo Challenge

The Pailolo Channel runs between Maui and Moloka’i and is one of the windiest channels in the Hawaiian Islands.  For years, solo paddlers had enjoyed the 26-mile downwind run from West Maui to South Moloka’i until, 2007 when the inaugural Pailolo Challenge was hosted; this extended this privilege to 6-person outrigger canoes. 

The nature of the channel takes the waves that funnel between Maui and Moloka’i and transforms them into perfectly spaced bumps that offer rides virtually all the way from the start, to the end of the race.  It is due to this feature that the Pailolo Challenge has earned the reputation as being “The Worlds Fun-nest Canoe Race”!

In 2013 4 of SDOCC’s men joined forces with a team from False Creek, Vancouver, to paddle the Pailolo Challenge.  In 2014, SDOCC sent two 9-man crews to Hawaii to participate in the challenge. Conditions were not as big as the crews wanted them to be, but the race was still an awesome experience for all 18 crew members!

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