Membership and Fees

Membership Dues:

New Paddler to SDOCC or Novice Paddler Membership — $350.00
includes a $50 lifetime membership and the Iron Race fees.
No refunds are given if the paddler doesn’t participate in all Iron races.

Returning Paddler Membership — $300.00
Consecutive or Non-consecutive years.

Membership dues are a key component in generating money for the club.  Your membership dues not only cover annual operating costs, but they enable the club to purchase equipment.  Everything from new OC1 racks, to safe and functioning trailer are a result of fundraisers membership dues.  As a club, we’ve tried to maintain the lowest possible membership dues all the while trying to maintain our equipment and present an accessible program for everyone.   Besides a few weeks in the year, we try to offer year round paddling opportunities for people who want to stay active.

Dues cover the following:

  • Access to the equipment for practices and races for the entire year
  • Includes Iron season race fees (5 x $13)
  • New Jersey for novices. ($25)
  • Towing fees for the entire season
  • Boat and trailer insurance
  • SCORA membership and insurance costs
  • Advertising- club website and meetup
  • Spray skirts and PFDs
  • Canoe storage area at Campland
  • Coach’s membershipsTo break it down, it comes out to around $25 per month for the entire year.  As always, there are payment plans to help spread out the payments. If you decide to do a payment plan option you will be required to have your membership paid in full by Iron Champs. If you know you’re going to be paddling for the 2017 season and want to start chipping away at your dues now, feel free.  The following are ways in which you can pay:
  • Cash or check in the drop box next to the shed or mail check to PO box: 1804 Garnet Avenue #724 San Diego, CA 92109
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card (square reader)

Associate Paddler Membership — $200.00
Practice with the club throughout the season, no race participation

Monthly membership for military members on active deployment                   $30.00
(One off $50 joining fee still applies to Military members)

Payment plans are available.  Please contact the club treasurer with any questions regarding membership.


2017 Race Fees:

“Iron” Races                                               Included in Membership

“Sprint” Races                                            $13.00/race

“9-Man” Races                                           $40.00/race

Catalina Crossing                                       $105.00

Race fees can be paid any time up to and including the morning of the race.  However, cash WILL NOT be accepted on race day morning.

Personal Canoe Storage:

SDOCC currently has storage space available for OC-1, OC-2 and surfskis.  If you would like to store your craft at our facility please contact the club treasurer for details.

SDOCC Member                                         $10.00/month

Non-SDOCC Member                                  $25.00/month

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